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We can provide a safe and effective treatment for the following conditions:

Low Back Pain

Most back pains result from mechanical disturbances of the spine such as postural strains, joint derangements and spinal disc injuries. Four out of five people suffer from low back pain at some point in their lives.

Neck Pain

This can be the result of poor posture or injury and can often be accompanied with stiffness, neuralgia, jaw problems and headaches.

Nerve Problems

sciatica, numbness, pins and needles and muscular weakness can all be caused by nerve impingement and successfully treated with osteopathy.

Joint Problems

whether this is caused by arthritis or injury, osteopathy can help to relieve the underlying causes of pain rather than relying on painkillers as the only solution. We treat shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips knees, ankles and feet.

Soft Tissue Problems

Many people lose fitness as they become older and are more prone to injury. Osteopaths can assess the posture, strength and flexibility of the muscles, ligaments and tendons and alleviate current problems. We can help to prevent occurrences by providing treatment on a maintenance basis.

Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation

Acute or chronic conditions are successfully treated using a combination of manual treatment and ultrasound therapy.

We use kinesiology taping techniques to assist recovery of musculo-tendinous problems which can enable the patient to return to activities in a gradual and supportive way with some stimulation of the tissues to promote healing. We also use traditional taping techniques should athletes require support prior to activity.

Obstetric Care

Pregnancy and delivery can put a strain on the whole spine, osteopathy can help the body adapt to these changes and those that occur during the early days of motherhood.

Problems Relating To Work

Whether sat at a desk and in front of a computer, in heavy industry or in manual work, repetitive strain can give rise to disorders of the muscles, tendons and joints especially in the back, neck and arms. We treat many conditions related to the workplace and can give remedial advice and preventative exercise.

Dry Needling Techniques

We use dry needling in conjunction with our osteopathic techniques to access the trigger points within muscles.  This is not to be confused with acupuncture but gives us an additional means of helping to decrease pain, improve muscular function, both in reducing muscular tension and improving flexibility and so helps the individual to return to normal function and their daily activities.

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